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Tammy Adele Law is an extraordinary woman with a story and message like no other. The Rainbow After the Storm will make you laugh, cry, get inspired and motivated and it will strengthen your belief in you.  Grab your copy and pick up extras for anybody you know and love who might be experiencing a challenge.  This book will change lives! "


Jennifer Colford - International Best Selling Author of Managing Mothering and Professional Ghostwriter


"At 21 years old I walked into Tammy Adele Law's daycare—other than registering my son for September’s group, I really had no idea what I was doing—not there and not in any area my life really. I was a stay-at- home mom who was just going through the motions and found herself spending money that I didn’t have on child care all because I had this nagging feeling that wouldn’t let up—one that had me convinced that if I had some time to be on my own during the day, I’d be better able to figure out how to make this life of ours work. 


I unequivocally loved my son so deeply—I wanted to be the mother that he deserved, and I wanted more for us. I was utterly broken and conflicted—trapped by a belief system that governed what I felt that I, as a woman could do, could be and could amount to now that motherhood had unexpectedly sprung itself on me. According to everything I had seen and heard, I was now part of a sad, clichéd statistic—I was just another teen mother destined for destitution and hardship.  I believed at a core level that my opportunity to live the life I had once envisioned and planned for myself was no longer and I was obviously bound to spend the rest of my life clawing my way along and struggling through my journey to provide a good life for my child. As that young woman, I believed I’d inevitably end up a mother who would be left single, empty, and lonely—overworked at a thankless job, underpaid for it and forever trying to make ends meet just to be able to keep food in the fridge and clothes on our backs.


As I stood at Tammy’s desk signing the paperwork, we were chatting about my son; she had asked how old I was when I had him. Upon my response, without skipping a beat she shared with me that she too had her first child at the same age. Before I could even shake off the coincidence, she spoke the very words I needed to hear the most at that time in my life and yet, I didn’t even know enough to know I was so desperate to hear them...  

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you it won’t work—don’t ever let anyone tell you it can’t work, or that you can’t do it! I’ve been there…I know what it’s like, but you need to know that no matter what, no matter what you want, it can work…all of it.”  

…and she shared her story with me.

I was in awe and excited all in the same breath. Here was this highly successful, beautiful and engaging stranger with bright eyes and a supportive smile…and she so openly and willingly shared her story about building this life of hers while her children slept at night. Soaking in her words was so cathartic and I felt validated, supported, understood, uplifted and hopeful for the first time in years. She had gifted me with a glimpse at a different perspective—and to this day, I consider that glimpse to have been a game changer for me—it was one of those defining moments that undeniably unfolds in divine timing and it changed the entire trajectory in my life. Her existence and story had awakened a dormant sense of possibility, potential and passion within me. Seeing what she had built for herself with my own two eyes gave me permission to want more and believe that I had within me what it took to create a life rich in experience, success and purpose by playing with the very hand I was dealt instead of folding. 


It’s been well over a decade since I stood in her office that day—I doubt I’ll ever forget it. I sometimes think back on that conversation and wonder how my life would have played out had she not taken the time to talk with that broken girl standing in front of her—had she not shared the very story and words that would help shift my ideas of what was possible for my life.   

The further I go, the more I learn and I have learned that we all have the capacity to be earth angels for another human being at any given moment—in that moment all those years ago, Tammy was definitely one of mine. You just never know when your story…your very existence, can be the catalyst that sets great change in motion for another person to live whole and fulfilled.


Jenifer Taylor -  Freelance Writer. 

"The Rainbow After the Storm is a heart wrenching tale of the history and the struggle to find healing in a generational family of young mothers and the challenges they faced. But that isn't the whole story. Between the past and the future Tammy Adele Law has added some down to earth advice on growing a super successful business. Two thumbs up!"


Ginger Marks, CEO, Publisher/Designer


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